Entry: L'Arc~en~Ciel will come to Indonesia?? Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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I know I'm late XD
But I've just managed to read Laruku interview with Trax FM when they were doing their L'7 concert in Hongkong.
This is the translated interview (thanks [info]mintcappucino)

Ken said
"Actually, We don't know about the sale exactly. All we know was only the total amount of it, so we have no idea where and how much they sell it. If it is as you said, well the Indonesian fans could send us email, to show how enthusiastic they are about we having concert in Indonesia. That was the way our fans in Paris did, and it made us having a concert in Paris. We will held our next concert tour in 2011, maybe if we got many requests from Indonesia, Indonesia will be one of our next destination."

2011?? 2011?? DUA RIBU SEBELAS??
Aaaaaaa it's too long!! T____T
Jadi selama ini petisi segala macem ntu ga ada efeknya ya? *sigh*
I have to wait until 2011? Itu juga kalo bener ke sini T__T

LARUKUUUU.... Hyde my goooodd... I want you to come here SOON !!!


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